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Anne has a Slayer dream, the same one from Never Be the Same Again Book 2. Spike/Buffy pairings in multiple dimensions.

Chapter 28

After the prophecies had been revealed, everyone drifted off to their own residences.

Buffy and her friends went back to their dorms while Merrick stayed behind to talk to Spike and Giles. He was still shocked at how much the two had been playing with things behind the scenes.

Now that everyone else was gone, Merrick had some second thoughts about all the information that had been revealed that day. He certainly didn’t like how Giles and Spike had played with their lives.

On the other hand, Merrick didn’t care for either of the Slayers that had shown up attached at the hip to a vampire. He grimaced as he watched Giles and Spike pour over the prophecies the one girl had found in a book brought by yet another vampire.

Merrick’s motto was the only good vampire was a dusted vampire. Yet here he was surrounded by the evil, cruel creatures. Something needed to be done.



Anne, William, Dee, Anyanka, and Amon ended up at 1628 Hadley Street in the house that mirrored where the Seraph Buffy lived with her Spike. They were surprised to see that the house was furnished and being kept up by a caretaker from the Celestial Council.

Anne and William took the master bedroom with Dee and Anyanka in one guest room and Amon in the other.

Anne rolled over, and she snuggled up against William’s back. She drifted further into sleep.

Anne felt her wings eject from her back at the site of two other Buffys chasing a shadowy figure that Anne was sure she was supposed to know. One of the Buffy’s eyes glowed green. Anne landed in front of the figure, and it veered away from before it disappeared from existence with a loud popping sound.

“What was that?” A younger Buffy asked. Anne was sure that this Buffy was a pre-Glory, pre-death Buffy.

“Something bad is coming,” Anne answered. She knew it had something to do with the shadowy figure that had just vanished.

“The key must be protected,” the vamp Buffy said. She spoke in a different language, but Anne, along with the human Buffy, understood it.

To Anne’s surprise, the human Buffy’s eyes flashed green too. “I am protecting her.”

“Oh Goddess, not again,” Willow muttered. Anne was surprised to see Willow in a Slayer dream, and so aware that it was a dream.

“Sorry, Willow,” all three Buffys said at once.

“Whoa, stereo.” Willow looked at the three Buffys. “Did we have a run it with Toth and his ferula-gemina again?”

Anne remembered Toth and his person-splitting weapon as she shook her head. “We’re here to tell Buffy to protect the Key and to watch out for Glory.”

“Yeah, we kinda got that already. Malachi has been really helpful,” the not-so-human-after-all Buffy replied.

Anne remembered Anyanka’s words. This Buffy was clearly a Sultana.

“Who’s Malachi?” Maybe this wasn’t the Willow for any of the Buffy’s present after all. Not that it mattered at the moment. Maybe this would give this Willow some information to warn her Buffy about their impending future.

“Uh, he’s a monk type dude.” Buffy gave Willow a curious look.

The vamped Buffy nodded her head. “Where I’m from he didn’t survive Glory’s attack.”

“He didn’t for me either,” Anne replied. She looked directly at the Sultana Buffy. “You’re the most powerful of all of us. You are the stopgap dimension.” Anne knew she needed to discuss this with the others in the morning.

“What the heck does that mean? I’ve never heard of a stopgap before.”

The vamped Buffy answered. “You are the one able to change hearts with single word. The only thing I can do is dust all the vamps in a three block area.”

“That sounds pretty handy to me.” Buffy turned to Anne. “Don’t you agree?”

Anne nodded in agreement. So, the vamped Buffy told both Buffy and Anne the words she used to dust the vamps, and they both practiced for awhile.

“Serina is winding down her talking moose story,” Spike announced.’

“Hello, Spike,” Anne and the vamped Buffy greeted the male vampire at the same time.

“Ladies,” Spike tipped his head in greeting.

“Your clan is what makes you strong. Your second seer will be along shortly. Please don’t be put off by who she is,” Anne said. She had a clear vision of Drusilla joining the Sultana’s clan.

And why didn’t she have a clan herself? How was that fair?

Anne continued to speak. “Be the stopgap. Glory and her many allies cannot win or the chaos will bring down all the dimensions.”

“We’re counting on you, Sultana,” the vamped Buffy said. “Be careful of the Docs.”

The Sultana nodded. “We’ve already met up with some of them. We’ll do all we can.”

“Good to know.” The vamped Buffy disappeared.

Anne struggled with what to say next. There was so much to ask and so much to tell. Finally she settled on one topic. “Don’t take too long to tell Dawn who … what she is. That so wasn’t a good time. She needs to know sooner, not later, about these things. It’s not good to have a fourteen year old rushing around, not thinking she’s real, when there’s a Hellgod out there looking for her.”

“Dawn’s eighteen.”

That surprised Anne. Her Dawn had been younger. Huh. “Not in my dimension. Bye, good luck, Sultana.”

Anne woke up with a start.



Willow woke up from a crazy dream in her dorm room. She looked across the dark room at the bed where Buffy lay sleeping. Willow knew she needed to talk to Giles, and possibly Merrick, about what she’d learned in her dream.

Willow quietly dressed and snuck out of the dorm room. She’d learned things in her dream while she was trapped within the other Willow. She couldn’t believe she’d actually broken through to ask who Malachi was before information about him had flooded her mind.

Willow made her way to Giles’ apartment through the dark streets. She was approaching the courtyard when the glow of a cigarette startled her.

“What are you doin’ out on a Sunnyhell night, Red?” Spike drawled.

Willow covered her heart with one hand. “Don’t scare me like that,” she muttered.

Spike stepped out of the darkness. He took one last drag off his cigarette before he dropped it on the ground. With one boot heel, he ground the spark out. “Come on in. It must be important to have gotten you out of your warm bed and traipse across town.”

Willow shuffled along behind the vampire. She was unsure what to think of everything going on in her small group of friends.

Spike opened the apartment door, and he called out, “Yo, Rupes, we got company.”

“Who?” Giles’ curious voice filled the air.

Willow stepped inside the apartment. She gave Giles a sheepish wave. “Hey, Giles.” She turned to Buffy’s Watcher. “Mr. Merrick.”

“What brings you out this evening?” Giles asked.

“Had a dream,” Willow stated. “Pretty sure I was somehow sucked into a Slayer dream.”

“Really?” Merrick’s voice was tinged with disbelief.

Willow nodded. “It was the other Willow… the Sultana’s Willow … who was really in the dream. I was like a spectator.”

“Sultana? Really, that’s hard to believe,” Merrick snorted. His disbelief was even more obvious. “Very convenient that you dreamed about a Sultana after it was mentioned right here in this flat.”

Willow shook her head. She wasn’t sure she liked Buffy’s official Watcher too much anymore. She turned to the unofficial Watcher. “Okay, here goes. I was pulled into a dream where I saw three Buffys; one was a vampire, one had wings, and one appeared entirely human. However, the Willow I was in knew that Buffy was a Slayer Sultana. In fact, I’m pretty sure that the Willow I was in was the Sultana’s.”

“Interesting.” Giles started to write down everything that Willow told him.

Willow went over the rest of the dream and what she’d gleaned from the other Willow, including how she was able to speak in the dream and ask about Malachi.

There was a knock at the door.

“It’s Anne and William,” Spike said while he walked to the door.


Spike laughed in delight. He was thrilled to see that Dawn was awake. “Angelus’ hotel in Los Angeles.”

Dawn looked around the room. “Huh. He doesn’t have good taste in residences, does he?”

“Not really,” Spike said with a shake of his head.

Dawn turned to Buffy. “The portal is closed.”

“Thank God,” Buffy whispered. “It’s been real pain in the butt having to hang around Angel. He keeps trying to tell me what to do.”

The whole building shook and the windows rattled.


Dawn tilted her head. “I don’t think so. There are dragons on the roof. They’re here for me.”

“Dragons! What kind of trouble are you in now, Nibblet?”
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