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Wow, it's back after so long. Hope I remember everything going on. lol

Chapter 27

Because Anne and her friends knew how to kill the Chumash Indians, the fight was over in a hurry with no surprise bear transformations.

Dessert was finished and put away when there was a knock on the door. Giles got up from his seat to answer it. “Angel, come in,” he said.

Angel stepped inside followed by two people who were clearly siblings. “Hello, Rupert. You know Alonna Gunn and her brother Charles. I need you to invite the rest of my team, Diane and Claudius.”

“Come in, Diane and Claudius,” Giles called out the door.

Two more vampires stepped into the apartment. “This is the first time we’ve ever met another pair of Immortal Guardians before,” the female said.

Spike narrowed his eyes at the new male vampire. “I know you,” he sneered. He turned to Angel. “Why are you hanging out with the Immortal? Have you forgotten he shagged our women?”

“That’s not the Immortal,” William said. “The Immortal isn’t a vampire.”

“Maybe in your dimension he isn’t, but here he is,” Spike growled.

Claudius threw up his hands in surrender. “It wasn’t real. I enthralled them, much like Drusilla does. They thought we had relations.”

“Why?” Angel was surprised to hear this news. He’d resented Diane and Claudius joining his group. Anger over a century old slight had festered in his heart.

“You were going to attack Clan Decimus over some imagined slight from Zebu,” Claudius announced. “That would have ruined the peace talks with Clan Quirinus.”

Anne leaned in to William. “Clan Decky Muss?”

William shrugged. “No clue, pet. The Immortal from our dimension wasn’t a fellow vamp and I’ve never heard of Clan Decimus or Clan Quirinus. Angelus got arrested for mopery and yours truly was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“Mopery? What’s that?” Dee asked.

“Flashing a blind person.” William studied his counterpart. “Who are these clans?”

“You don’t have vampire clans where you come from?” Spike asked.

William shook his head. “If we did they all died out before I was vamped.”

Spike named a few clan leaders. “You’ve never heard Edric or Draconis?” He paused while William shook his head. “What about Trick?”

At that name, Anne nodded. “Yeah, he showed up with Kakistos. He joined the Mayor after Faith and I slayed Kakistos. Faith killed Trick.”

“Huh,” Spike replied. “Who’s Faith?”

“Another Slayer,” Dee said. “She was called when Kendra died.”

“Then, what about Dracula?”

“Ponce bugger owes me eleven pounds,” William grumbled. “And he bit my Slayer.”

Anne rolled her eyes.

“Okay, so, we’ve established that things are a bit different here,” Dee announced. She looked at Angel. “Giles said you had a book we needed to look at.”

“Yes, I do.” Angel indicated the briefcase he was carrying. “It’s a version of the Codex.”

“Awesome. Put it over on the table, and I’ll take a look at it.” Dee walked over to the table where she waited for Angel to lay the book out for her. Then, she visibly gathered herself together before she laid a hand on the Codex, which started to glow brighter and brighter. “Wow, that’s a head rush,” she said after she jerked her hand away from the book.

“What was that?” Buffy stared at Dee.

“Just part of my being a Key,” Dee replied. “Okay, here’s what I found. The original prophecies we found is in there. ‘The Key, accompanied by the Dark Champion and his Slayer, will travel between the realms, restoring order to the chaos’ and ‘Within the Codex lies the words that can only be accessed by the Key, to heal the rift, caused by the angry tree, find all the words, so mote it be.”

Giles put a hand up. “Hold on, I want to write this all down.” He grabbed a notebook and started to jot things down in his own personal shorthand. “Please continue.”

“Next one. ‘The Key will bleed until the one joins the journey and seals the wound.’ Except I’m not bleeding.” Dee patted herself.

Amon shook his head. “It’s not talking about blood. I believe it has to do with the power of the Key.”

“Oh, I can see that,” Dee replied. “Okay, next one. ‘Red becomes black; black becomes red, but the great dragons will devour the branched God-King.’ That’s interesting. Something about Willow maybe.”

“Oh, research time,” Diane cooed. “I love research, but it sounds like she’ll be eaten by a dragon.”

“The blood that burns in the Key burns in the sister-mother and the demon paladin. I am my parents’ daughters.” Dee grinned at Anna and William. “Up next is ‘one shall join the journey and unite with the Key to cast the glorious one into the abyss’.”

Amon let out a huff of air.

“What’s the abyss?” Alonna asked.

“It’s Hell for Hell dimensions,” Amon answered. “The portal into the abyss goes only the one way. There is no escape.”

“What do you make of this one?” Dawn asked Amon. “The waters of chaos will part. He that holds the portent and potential of all that is to be will immerge. He will protect the Key with his magic protection which is older and greater than all the gods together’.”

Amon nodded. “I can see that.”

“But what does it mean?” Buffy asked.

“I’m absolutely sure it is talking about me,” Amon said after a long silence that no one was willing to fill. “My original home could only be classified as chaotic. Maelstrom is not the place for the faint of heart.”

“Did Glory come from there?” Anne asked.

Amon nodded. “As did my brother Caly, and I am here to protect the Key.”

“Awesome,” Dee said. She looked the Hell God over, and she liked what she saw.

“Is that everything,” Giles asked, looking up from his notebook.

“Nope, two more. Both mention the Puzzleman. First up; the Puzzleman’s shades shall fall beneath the feet of the Dark Champion, his Slayer, and the Key’.”

“That one is pretty easy to figure out,” Anyanka said. “We’ll defeat those Shade things. Go us.”

“Yeah, it seems so.” Dee punched the air with a fist. “Also; the shades bring the sacrifices before the Puzzleman; the Key and the god. The Puzzleman will try to eat their magic and gulp down their souls, but instead will join the glorious one in the abyss’. Wow, Amon, looks like we’re going to meet up with the Puzzleman.”

“It would seem so.”



Knox muffled a squeak when a flight of dragons emerged from the dimensional rift. Before, anyone could react, the lead dragon, a giant golden creature snapped up the witch/God-King. It devoured its treat before it and its companions flew off towards Los Angeles.

The dimensional portal closed with a loud whoosh. Knox had no idea what to do with himself at this point. He’d burned his bridges with Wolfram and Hart and Angel Investigations. He heard a chirping behind him.

Knox whirled around. Behind him were five lizards standing on their hind legs. He thought they looked like the Dilophosaurus dinosaurs that killed the one guy that tried to steal the dino embryos. The lizards surrounded him.

Knox gave a nervous chuckle. “Uh, hey, guys.”

The largest of the lizards shifted into human form. “Wolf, Ram, and Hart wish to speak to you, Knox.”

Knox threw up his hands, and he backed away. “Look, Littlecock, Wolfram and Hart are no longer here in this dimension.”

“The name is Littlecook, you moron, and it doesn’t matter.” Littlecook reached out to grab Knox. The other lizards chirped loudly. “They want to talk to you.”

A vortex opened a few feet away. Littlecook dragged Knox into it. They were followed by the chirping lizards.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Dawn’s eyes popped open, startling her companions. Buffy grabbed her sister’s shoulders when Dawn sat up, and tried to get out of bed.

“Dawn?” Buffy asked.

“Red becomes black; black becomes red, but the great dragons will devour the branched God-King,” Dawn’s voice boomed in the near silent room.

“Spike! I need you!” Buffy yelled at the top of her lungs.

Seconds later, Spike skidded into the room followed by Giles. “Slayer?” the vampire asked.

“Dawn’s awake.”

Dawn shook her head as if to clear it. “Where am I?” She looked around. “This isn’t my bedroom.”

Spike laughed in delight. He was thrilled to see that Dawn was awake. “Angelus’ hotel in Los Angeles.”
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