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Time to figure out how to put the wings back where they came from, so help me.

Chapter 19,

“Oh my,” Willow whispered. She and Tara came down the stairs behind Buffy and Spike. Spike was wearing just his jeans and Doc Martins while Buffy had a sheet wrapped around her torso, but that wasn’t what had Willow’s attention. “That’s new. The wings are definitely new.”

Buffy shook her head. “I don’t remember these in my vision. Unless … “ she trailed off.

“Unless what, pet?” Spike prompted Buffy.

“In my vision, after Buffy … I learned that you … Spike got the soul, we ended up in a church where I realized what you had done. That you had gotten your soul, the spark.” Buffy’s breath hitched while she remembered what had happened in the Slayer vision. “You leaned up against a cross, laid on it really. Like you were being crucified.”

Tara shuddered. “That sounds like it was painful.”

“I’m sure it was.” Buffy nodded. “Not as painful as the spark. In the vision there are a few moments when I thought I saw something wing-like behind me, but I decided it was just meant to be confusing like most Slayer visions are.”

“I better not grow a pair of those suckers.”

Buffy whirled around so fast she slapped Spike in the face with a wing. “Faith.”

Everyone else also turned towards the front door where Faith, Cordelia, Gunn, and Fred just entered the Hyperion. They didn’t notice Spike pawing white feathers out of his face.

“Where’s Angel?” Cordelia asked.

It was Spike who answered her after he shoved his way past Buffy’s wing. “Upstairs, brooding, more than likely.”

“Not anymore.” Angel and Lorne stood at the top of the stairs. Not far behind them was Connor, flanked by Lawson and Groo.

A smile crossed Cordelia’s face that looked like the sun breaking through storm clouds. “You’re safe. I was so worried.” She dashed up the stairs, and she flung herself into Angel’s arms.

“We need to get that soul of his anchored before they shag,” Spike whispered into Buffy’s ear.

Buffy leaned into Spike. “We need to get that stupid chip out before it starts zapping you.”

“Is that what happened? I noticed that it was missing in my Wolfram and Hart vision,” Spike replied.

Wesley sniffed the air. “My toast.” He disappeared into the kitchen.

“Breakfast is basically ready.” Reggie looked around the room, and he counted heads. “Glad we made plenty.”

“Personally, I want to get rid of the wings and put on a shirt before I eat. Anyone have any ideas about this?” When nobody gave any suggestions, Buffy let out a yell. “Anya!”

Anya appeared. “You rang?”

“Wings!” Buffy pointed both forefingers at her back. “You didn’t mention anything about wings when you told me about the Immortal Guardians.”

Anya looked perplexed. “I don’t have any information on wings.”

“You might try looking at a book Reggie and I brought from England.” Giles gestured towards a pile on the desk in what used to be Wesley’s office. “Why don’t you go have a seat? One of us will bring you some food.”

Spike and Buffy settled into the office with Anya. Everyone else went to the dining room area with Cordelia sticking close to Angel.

In a few minutes there were footsteps on the stairs. “Where the frilly heck did everyone go?” It was Dawn.

“In here, Dawn,” Buffy called out. “Just don’t freak out when you see us.”

“Why what happened?” Dawn appeared at the office door. “Oh.” She stared at the wings.

Dawn plopped down in a chair, and she stared at the wings. She reached up to rub her eyes before she stared at the wings some more.

“Nibblet, staring at them won’t make them go away,” Spike finally said.

Dawn blinked her eyes. “I thought they might be an optical illusion or something.”

“A-ha.” Anya looked up from the book on Immortal Guardians. “This is an interesting book. It only reveals information pertaining to what kind of Immortal Guardians for the dimension the book resides in.”

“What does it say about the wings?” Buffy asked.

“Fold them in close to your body and they should disappear.”

Buffy folded the wings until they were as close to her body as possible. Then, they disappeared back into her shoulder blades. “Well, that feels a bit weird.”

Spike did the same, and his wings disappeared too. He dashed upstairs for Buffy and his shirts. While he was gone, Wesley delivered four plates of food to the office area. He went back to the dining area while Spike, Buffy, Dawn, and Anya ate while they continued to look through the book for information on their new circumstances.

After breakfast, Lorne appeared at the office door. “I need to talk to you two alone.”

“Okay, no problem.” Buffy turned to the vengeance demon. “Anya, go help Dawn get the car packed up. We need to get back to Sunnydale.”

Anya gave Buffy a thumbs up before she snagged Dawn’s arm, and they disappeared upstairs.

Lorne stepped into the room, closing the door behind him. “Well, my little cupcakes, I saw many things when you two sang for me.”

Spike and Buffy looked at each other. “Cool,” Buffy chirped.

Lorne sat down across on the couch. He relaxed while he watched the two Sunnydale Immortal Guardians. “I know you worry about outliving your companions; your family and friends. I also know how to overcome your issue.”

“Oh yeah?” Spike asked with a raised eyebrow. “How?”

“You just claim them as your own.”

The Immortal Guardian book glowed at the sound of the words. Buffy grabbed the book up and turned the pages before the glow disappeared. After she read what she needed to read, she looked up at Lorne. “Thank you.”

“I also know someone that help the blond brownie here with his little hardware problem.”

“As long as you find someone to help Angelus with his little wandering soul problem before he starts shaggin’ the cheerleader.” Spike leaned away from Buffy’s slapping hand. “Well, it’s true, Slayer. You know it is.”

Lorne nodded. “I do believe the solution to both our problems has the same solution. Let me make a phone call. I’m sure Pete and Junia know exactly what to do.”


Angel stood to the side watching Spike and Buffy get ready to leave for Sunnydale. He still wasn’t sure about Buffy’s high-handedness over the anchoring of his soul. She never even asked him if that was what he wanted. What right did she have to make unilateral decisions for him?

“If you could see what I see when they sing, you’d give up this stupid notion that Buffy’s your soul mate.” Lorne came to stand by Angel.

Angel scowled at Lorne.

“Don’t look at me like that, Angel-cakes,” Lorne said. “I just call them like I see them.”

“Spike’s not normal,” Angel growled. “He’s not the right person for Buffy.”

Lorne shook his head. “That’s not for you to decide anymore.” He nodded towards Cordelia. “Besides, you have someone right there that loves you.”

Angel’s scowl deepened. “He’s an evil, soulless creature.”

“Not anymore.” Lorne shook his head, and he walked away. Clearly, he realized there was nothing he could say that would change Angel’s mind, and he knew when to cut his losses.

Angel looked at Cordelia again. She threw her head back in laughter at something that Fred was saying. When she looked over at him, her smile was incandescent. Angel found himself smiling in return.

Angel drifted towards Cordelia, wanting to know what she had found so funny. It dawned on him that maybe he should be thanking Buffy instead of thinking ill of her. Because of Buffy’s high-handed soul anchoring, he could enjoy a real relationship with Cordelia.


It took a full week before Spike and Buffy could deal with the letter that came from RoseSeri Hassib and the Celestial Council. The extra house in Sunnydale came in handy with the addition of Groo, Lawson, and Connor. The three of them moved into the second house while Spike, Buffy, and Dawn stayed at Revello Drive.

Wesley, Tara, and Willow decided to move out of the master bedroom at Buffy’s and into their own apartment. Revello Drive just wasn’t roomy enough for five grown people, one teenager, and an El’birt.

The First Evil was thwarted. Now Buffy had no idea what was going to happen next.

Situation normal.
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