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Chapter 18,

“Mommy, mommy,” Rizg shrieked when Rutz appeared with two humans in tow. She ran towards her mother. “Gunn-Gunn and Freddie taught us a new game.”

Gunn and Fred turned their heads in the direction the little demon girl had run. They both felt delight when they saw that Cordelia was with Faith and Rutz. However, the gags in their mouths prevented them from speaking.

“What game is that?” Rutz asked while patting her daughter’s head.

“Cowboys and Indians. They’re the cowboys, and I’m the Indian,” Rizg said with great enthusiasm and more arm waving than was necessary. “I want them to be our babysitters forever. They’re so much more fun than Lucy.”

No one noticed that Gunn and Fred winced and frantically shook their heads over the idea of being permanent demon spawn sitters.

“Even Granny and Hortense agree.” Rizg gestured towards a skeleton sitting in a nearby chair and big hellhound laying its feet.

Faith and Cordelia was slightly unnerved when the skeleton’s head swivel towards them, and it lifted a hand to wave at them. The hound gave the two a toothy grin before he flopped over in a heap to fall asleep.

“I’m glad you had fun, but it’s time for Gunn and Fred to go home. They kept you, Granny, and Hortense occupied while the Slayer battled for the Seer’s freedom. Their job is done.”

Rizg stomped her foot. “They will be my babysitters!” she screeched.

Gunn and Fred cringed. Their time with the triplets hadn’t been easy on them. Then, one of the other alien-like demons introduced them to Granny. Babysitting a skeleton should have been a breeze after three active kids.

Boy, were Gunn and Fred mistaken.

The horny skeleton kept making passes at Gunn until Zirg returned with the hellhound. The hellhound took to sniffing Gunn’s privates. What was it with the creatures of this dimension picking on him, and only him?

That was when Fred had introduced the triplets to Cowboys and Indians, which they’d taken to like ducks to water.

Fred realized that she hadn’t seen the male triplets in awhile. She looked around the best she could, but the ropes she was tied up with prevented her from moving. They were nice enough to her, but for some reason they were enamored with Gunn.

“Well, we’d love to stay and play, but I really need to get back,” Cordelia replied. “I need to let the others know I’m okay.” She held a hand out to look at her nails. “Plus, I really need to make an appointment at the spa. My hair, my nails. That place I was held captive sucked butt.”

“Totally to the max,” Faith deadpanned.

Rutz nodded. “Yes, that might be for the best.” She went to Gunn and Fred to help them out of the ropes. “Please consider being our permanent babysitter,” she said to them. “Good help is hard to find.”

Both Gunn and Fred nodded in agreement, but deep in their hearts they were both screaming ‘no’. They held hands as Rutz led them and Faith and Cordelia towards the meadow where the portal home was located.

“You’re back,” Fred said to Cordelia. “We’ve missed you.”

“I just hope Buffy and her boy toy vamp rescued Angel already,” Faith replied.

Cordelia gave Faith a confused look. “Boy toy vamp?”

Faith shrugged. “Don’t look at me.” She gestured towards Gunn and Fred. “They’re the ones that are all knowing.”

So, Gunn and Fred took turns telling Cordelia what had happened since her disappearance, including Buffy’s arrival with her friends and a bleached blond vampire in tow.

“That sounds like Spike,” Cordelia replied. “Wow, Buffy’s really getting her inner slut on.”

“Uh, can you tell us how you rescued Cordelia?” Fred asked Faith.

Faith glanced at Rutz, and she shook her head. “No can do. It’s all super secret. The only thing I can tell you is that it hurt. A lot.”

“It is super secret,” Rutz confirmed. “However any pain involved is not physical. Ah, here we are.”

The group was to the middle of the meadow where the portal had brought them to the dimension. They watched in amazement as the swirling vortex opened in front of them.

Faith let out a grunt, and she involuntarily shivered. “Whoa, what was that?”

“Faith?” Cordelia placed a hand on her rescuer’s shoulder.

“I’m okay. It just felt like a surge of power. Kinda like when I was first turned into a Slayer.” Faith frowned.

Cordelia frowned too. “Did Buffy die again?”

“No.” Faith shook her head. “That didn’t even cause blip on my radar.”

“Maybe we should get back home to find out,” Fred suggested.

“Sounds like a plan.”

“Good luck my friends.” Rutz nodded to the travelers. “You are a worthy champion,” she complimented Faith.

“Thank you. Let’s go for it.”

Gunn, Fred, Faith, and Cordelia leapt into the portal. On the other side, instead of being where they’d entered the portal, they found themselves outside the Hyperion.


The black cell phone on the bedside table rang. It surprised Giles because he didn’t have a phone, and he didn’t think Reggie had one either. He stared at the phone as if it was going to jump up and bite him.

“Answer the bloody thing,” Reggie grumbled from the other bed. “It’s been sounding off for hours.”

“I’ve never seen that thing before in my life,” Giles replied.

“Well, it gave me quite a shock when I tried to answer it.” Reggie rolled over to face Giles. “I think it might be from Serina Brennan.”

Giles grabbed up the phone, pushed the green button, and spoke into the receiver. “Hello, Rupert Giles, speaking.”

“Good morning, Rupert.” Serina’s voice drifted over the connection.

Giles did a quick calculation in his head. “Good evening to you, Serina,” he said. “Reggie said you have been trying to ring through for hours. I must have been more tired than I previously thought. I didn’t hear a thing.”

“Jetlag,” Serina responded loudly. “I am calling to let you know that there has been a disturbance in the Force.”

Reggie chuckled. “Tell her we’re not on Tattooine.”

“You tell Reggie to hush up. I have very important news to convey.”

Giles glanced over at Reggie. “You heard the lady.”

“Now that we’re back on track, I had a vision that all the Slayer power now rests within Faith Lehane,” Serina informed Giles. “Is your Slayer well?”

“To the best of my knowledge she is just fine,” Giles replied. “I do know that she and her mate were planning on performing a ceremony to become Immortal Guardians.”

Serina let out a loud gasp. “So, it’s true. There is a war going on in all the dimensions in the name of Glorificus.”

“Glorificus is dead,” Giles said.

“Not everywhere. Others still fight her.” Serina yawned. “I need to sleep, Rupert. Ring me when you know more.”

“I will.” Giles hung up the phone. He rolled out of bed with a groan. “I’m feeling peckish. Let’s find some breakfast.”

Reggie grinned. “Sure thing, Ripper.”

The two men got dressed and started downstairs. When they passed by the room where Willow and Tara were staying, the door opened. Wesley stumbled out with a dazed look on his face. “Wow,” he muttered under his breath. “I’m going to have to up my vitamin intake.”

“Wild night?” Reggie chuckled.

“The wildest.” Wesley glanced back over his shoulder and his voice dropped. “Even wilder than that night out with Adderley and his buddies during hazing week at Watcher training.”

Reggie nodded. He remembered the rumors that went along with said night out. Apparently it had been a night of debauchery of the likes never seen in the hallowed Watcher halls and that was still talked about in whispers among the new recruits. Reggie was just glad it had pushed the tale about his and Ripper’s escapades back into the shadows.

“Breakfast?” Giles asked Wesley.

The younger Brit nodded. “Famished.”

Together the three men went downstairs into the kitchen to start the most important meal of the day. They were just about to call the others down to eat when Buffy’s voice drifted into the kitchen.

“Uh, Giles,” the Slayer said in a sheepish tone. “Don’t freak out.”

“Why on earth would I freak out?” Giles asked while he stepped out of the kitchen area. When he saw Buffy and Spike, he couldn’t contain himself. “Bloody hell!”

“What?” Reggie asked as Wesley and he abandoned their work. They stepped into the lobby behind Giles.

“Wings,” Giles gasped, pointing at Buffy and Spike.

Sure enough, both the Slayer and the vampire had huge feather-covered wings. The feathers of Buffy’s wings were gleamed white under the lights while Spike’s feathers were jet black.


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