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The adults in Buffy's life make plans.

Chapter 25

Drusilla lay on her bed with tears running down her face. She couldn’t feel her Daddy anymore. He was gone.

Drusilla had never felt so alone in her life. Not even her favored minion could change Drusilla’s loneliness. Her Daddy was dead, and it was entirely the Slayer’s fault. Her Spike was gone, lost to her. That was completely the Slayer’s fault too.

It was time for the nasty Slayer to die.

Drusilla hissed to herself. She needed to rally the minions. Drusilla conveniently forgot that she was having trouble with the underlings. Ever since Jimmy had slipped away after his rescue of Lily, the other minions were leaving too.

“Tonight’s the night. I’m going to paint the town red as I bathe in the blood of the Slayer. Dirty nasty Slayer.” Drusilla rose from her bed. In her mind, she could see the flames of the future surrounding her.


“You know, Sunnydale has been oddly quiet since all the churches burned down,” Buffy commented to Giles while she kicked at the punching bag. She shrugged when Giles gave her a pointed look. “Well, perceptively, compared to how bad it could be. I mean Spike isn’t trying to kill me …“

“No, now there’s just Drusilla trying to kill you,” Giles replied.

Buffy grimaced. “Yeah, and all those memories of things she’s done in the past mixed in doesn’t help either Spike or me deal with her very well.”

Giles studied Buffy. In many ways recovering the memories of previous lives had made the Slayer seem younger and more vulnerable than before. While he couldn’t understand the enormity of it all, he did understand how hard it was to deal with one’s past. Giles had an inkling of an idea, but he needed to discuss it with a select group of people first.

After Buffy left the library, Giles went straight to the phone to call Oggy.

“Good evening, Oggy. Can I trouble you and Joyce to join me at the library? We have something to discuss.”

“I suppose,” Oggy replied.

After that, Giles contacted Anyanka. In turn, she contacted Ceridwyn.

Brenna Hassib was next on Giles’ to call list.

An hour later, the adults in Buffy’s life met up at the high school library. Everyone looked at Giles with expectation.

“Wonder if he’ll ask if we’re wondering why he’s called us all together,” Oggy side-whispered to Joyce.

Joyce giggled.

“Do shut up, Oggy,” Giles growled.

No, it was Ripper who growled.

Rupert had left the building.

Only Ripper remained.

Oggy sat up straight. “Sorry, Ripper,” he mumbled.

Joyce giggled again, only it was much more nervous sounding this time.

Giles cleared his throat. “It’s come to my attention that half of the duo that caused Buffy, and Spike, so much trouble in the past has passed on.”

“What?” Oggy looked confused.

Ceridwyn spoke up at that moment. “Yes, Angel is dead, and his soul has passed on.”

“That’s good news, isn’t it?” Joyce looked around at the other adults.

“It is.” Giles nodded. “It means that Drusilla is alone now. I think it’s time to strike against her.”

The library doors opened, and Sam Zabuto strolled in. “You called a meeting without me?”

Giles had a sheepish look on his face. “I forgot you were in town. Besides, I’m about to outline a plan to take out an infamous vampire ourselves instead of relying solely on the Slayers.”

“Which vampire is that?” Zabuto asked in curiosity.



Klempt cleared his throat before he raised his hand. He quelled beneath Ysped’s gaze, but he spoke anyway. “I know a super duper portal site. It’s to this really scary dimension called Quoroatoatha.”

Everyone stared at Klempt with confused looks on their faces.

“I think he means Quor’Toth,” Ty said after a few minutes of silence. “I thought that portal was closed up centuries ago. It was one of the few good things Her Majesty did during her reign.”

“It was, but you know that Wolfram and Hart has been meddling in things that are none of their business,” Brian grumbled. “Stupid fuckers.”

“What’s Quor’Toth?” Cordelia asked.

Brian turned to look at Cordelia. “It’s a Hell dimension. One of the worst ones in existence, and near impossible to escape from. Anyone who does manage to get out is changed in fundamental ways.”

Cordelia nodded in understanding. “So, we have to lure Wolfram and Hart through that portal. I doubt they’ll go willingly.”

“I agree,” Ty replied. “I’m just not sure how we’ll lure them to pass from here to there.”

“There’s always ‘The Ritual’.” Sir Brian made quote marks in the air when he said the words ‘The Ritual’.

Ysped hissed. “Last time someone did that, things went terribly wrong.”

“Not that ritual, the other one.”

“Like that one is any better,” Ty scoffed.

Cordelia looked back and forth between Sir Brian and Ty. “Will someone please fill the newcomer to this dimension in on what you’re going on about?”

“There are too many damned rituals,” Sir Brian muttered. He turned to Cordelia. “Your Majesty, I’m speaking of two rituals, frightfully similar, but with opposing results.” He gestured towards Klempt. “His kind isn’t native to this dimension.”

Ysped hissed. “No, he isn’t. Queen Ythe’s advisors were not the sharpest of people. They screwed up an attempt to rid us of Wolfram and Hart during her reign. Instead we were inundated with demons.”

“It won’t fail a second time,” Ty growled. “All we need is a powerful magic user to help us.”

“That’s easy enough to fix,” Ysped said. She uttered a few words under her breath. There was a loud bang that made everyone jump, followed by a cloud of smoke.

When the smoke cleared, there stood a young human woman with long brown hair. She glanced around the room until she saw Cordelia. “Uh, hey, Cordelia,” she said with a confused wave.

“Amy Madison?”


Ripper and his band of warriors stood outside the abandoned factory where their foe cowered like a coward.

“Are you sure this will work?” Joyce asked.

Ripper looked up at the clear, bright blue sky. “Our quarry cannot escape our wrath,” he stated.

Oggy snorted. He’d forgotten how much Ripper liked the role play. He wondered which character his old friend was emulating at that moment.

“Let’s get this over,” Anyanka grumbled. She tightened her grip on the baseball bat she carried.

“What about the minions?” Zabuto asked.

Dalton stepped out of the nearby shadows. “They’re gone. They’ve all abandoned Drusilla with the exception of her newest childe.”

Ceridwyn peered past Dalton into the darker shadows. “Who is that with you?”

Dalton looked over his shoulder. “That’s Silver.”

Another man stepped out of the shadows. He was dressed in casual clothes, as if he was just out for a leisurely stroll. It was the shotgun that he cradled that told a different story.

Ceridwyn licked her lips when she saw Silver.

“What’s the plan?” Silver asked.

Ripper smirked. “We’re going to burn them out.”


“Is your mom out on a date with Oggy?” Willow asked. The Scooby gang was hanging out at Buffy’s house.

“Well, she’s out with Oggy, but I don’t think they’re on a date,” Buffy replied with a laugh. “I’m pretty sure they’re going to go chase Drusilla out of town.”

Kendra frowned. “Isn’t that dangerous?”

“I suppose.” Buffy bit her bottom lip. She turned to Spike. “Should we go check up on them?”

“Let them have their fun, Slayer,” Spike said. “Dru’s a wily old thing. I doubt they’ll do much to her. Besides, I sent Dalton and his new playmate out to join them.”

Xander gave Spike a confused look. “New playmate?”

“He’s a werewolf hunter,” Buffy said. She noticed the horrified look on Oz’s face. “Don’t worry,” she assured the werewolf. “He has a clear and definite code.” Buffy stumbled to a stop and coughed long and hard.

“You don’t sound good,” Willow said in a worried voice.

Buffy paled, and she coughed again.

Willow went to her friend’s side. “Buffy, you’re burning up. We need to get you to the hospital.”

“I’ll be fine. The Slayer healing will kick in and I’ll be all better.” Buffy ended up coughing again. When she fainted, her friends rushed her to the hospital despite her protests.
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