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Post NFA, Spike and Buffy act out their fantasies.

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Thought I'd check it out.
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Set in The House of the Rising Moon verse.  Not Spuffy, but they are mentioned.  A young woman observes the Scoobies.  This is an Oz/OC story.  It is written for darkrivertempst for the page 394 challenge she did.  The challenge is to take five books, turn to page 394,  and use the second sentence in a story.  The sentences are in bold.

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More smut, and you the readers meet an old friend.

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Hassib's dinner interrupted by Scooby craziness.  Hope you enjoy.

Hassib's Dinner Interruptus
@ 532 words
G rated, unbetaed
At Wicked Temptation, you'll find this as Chapter 43 of Scenes without a Story.

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The next installment.  Thanks, Brett, for reminding me to update.

Chapter 6


Xander nodded before he followed Dawn out of the house.  There was no way he was going to pass up the opportunity to mock Angel.  Not even dealing with Spike would curtail Harris’ enthusiasm.  Heck, he and Spike could probably come up with some good remarks to say to Deadboy.  Xander knew he’d have to be nice to Spike though.  Buffy had informed the Scoobies that Spike was her vampire now, and that she expected them to treat him with respect.  The Scoobies had been too intimidated by the flare of determination in the Slayer’s eyes to protest.  Of course, Xander wasn’t sure that Buffy had informed Spike about this new turn of events yet though.


Dawn and Xander got into his car, and they drove to the Sunnydale Inn.  There they found Spike just arriving on his motorcycle.  Together the three of them quietly approached room 314.  Each one knew that if they spoke they’d break down with more hysterical laughter.


Spike tapped on the hotel room door.  It was flung open by a distraught and rumpled Slayer.


“Thank God, you’re here!”  Buffy grabbed Spike’s arm.  “The git is in the bathroom again doing God knows what.”


“You’ve been hanging around me too much, Slayer,” Spike said with a wink.


“And I plan on spending a lot more time <I>around</I> you.”  Buffy winked at the blond vampire.


“I so didn’t need to hear that.”  Dawn grimaced.  As happy as she was that Buffy was going to give Spike a chance, she didn’t need to hear the details.


“Me either.”  Xander grabbed Spike’s sleeve, and he pulled the vamp towards the bathroom.  “Let’s check on Mr. Broody Pants before Buff channels Anya some more.”


The two male Scoobies stormed Angel’s stronghold.  Upon entering the bathroom, they couldn’t believe what they saw.


  1. Angel masturbating
  2. Angel in labor
  3. Angel crying because Buffy’s not interested
  4. Angel putting on makeup to look like a female


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Here's the next chapter.  I forgot to update here.

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Here are the rules, characters and other important information.

Please, please feel free to join us and particpate in some way either with a fic or graphics.  The more the merrier!!!!  If you can't write or make the pretties, come encourage those that do.
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After the disaster known as the Cruciamentum, Giles and Buffy become rogue demon hunters.  Their first case brings Buffy to a brothel named The House of the Rising Sun in search of a missing person.

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The last chapter and there be spuffy smut.

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Another chapter.  Only one left after this.

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Written for Spikesdeb who wanted Spuffy and Dawn family interaction.  Hope she doesn't mind that I threw in Spuffy smut.  Enjoy.

Set in season 6 before OMWF.  Spike, Buffy, and Dawn enjoy a little family time.
Rated R for language and smut.

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The first 10 people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of specific pairing/character (from one of my fandoms). Also, any of my original characters are allowed - throw me a character or a situation you'd like to see gutted, a happy fuzzy, done a horoscope for... you know, that sorta thing. In return, those ten people have to post this challenge in their journals, regardless of their ability level.

Okay, my fandoms are BtVS/ATS and Harry Potter.  I prefer writing Spuffy, but I can do other pairings that don't involve them, ie Willow/Lindsey as per Bending to Her Will.  I prefer Hermoine with Slytherins, if you so choose that fandon.  I just don't know enough about any other book/movie/TV show to do a good job at them.

My original characters are;

Jack Reitz, she's usually the bartender at the Bronze (first introduced in The Secret Slayer)
Cassandra Linnell, a potential or slayer depending on the story (first introduced in The Secret Slayer)
Serina Brennan, a witch from the coven with the potential of having visions (first introed in Never Be the Same Again)
Reginald Bey, Watcher in the bowels of the Council library (first introed in Never Be the Same Again)
Ronald and Betty Jones, Uxia demons that work in the Initiative (Never Be the Same Again)
Richard Jones, cousin of Ronald, owns a tattoo parlor (Never Be the Same Again)
Ali Hassib, donut shop owner (Broken Betrayal)
RoseSeri Hassib, lawyer (Never be the Same Again)
Brenna Hassib, therapist (Memories Maketh the Man)
Emmaline Hassib, exercise/self defense teacher (yet to be introduced, but she's there)
Ward Davies, the Mayor instead of Wilkins or elected after Wilkins (Double Dares and Magical Mixups)
Beverly Palmetto, principal instead of Snyder or after Snyder is eaten (Double Dares and Magical Mixups)
Hope Lehane, the key and Faith's sister (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Pete and Junia, owners of a magic shop in LA, he's a gnome and she's a giantess (Fixing the Factors and Life's Ever Changing Turns)
Leticia Dobbins, real estate agent (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
John Flesher, Miles O'Brien, Herman Raimen, Council wet team

1. For eilowyn, the Hassib's quiet dinner interrupted by Scooby craziness DONE
2. For lisfayte, Spuffy dream about the original owners of Skald Hill Manor that brings them together
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During Spike and Buffy's confrontation in the bathroom, Buffy has a vision that changes how she perceives the vampire.   Can this new perception survive a trip to Los Angeles to save Angel?  Scenerio 3 of the Immortal Guardians Series.  Season 6 story

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Ford may be gone, Phillip's arrival is explained, and Joyce finds out the truth.

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Another chapter of BTVS for you all.  I had planned on finishing this story right away, but it's been nommed at the Spark and Burn awards for Best WIP, Best Plot, Best Alternate Universe, Best Original Character for Dot, and Best Author.
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